Apr 2022


At a curious festival it’s not for us to shout out

precisely what all its events are about,

So, visit the garden where curiosity springs. 

Come and ask questions, converse about things,

and see for yourself what curiosity brings!

A signature at the Curious Arts Festival, The Garden of Curiosity is part installation, part pop-up performance, part creative playground.  Discover new creative ideas, get hands on and interactive, get your moves on, register your ideas and thoughts.  You can tantalise your palette with tasty morsels of performances, uncover the exciting Toowoomba arts scene, or get into the mind of the creative artist. 

The Garden of Curiosity is an opportunity for audiences and artists to cross paths in a relaxed environment with lots of options for everyone to get in touch with their creative side. 

The Garden of Curiosity has COVID-Safe systems for entry ensuring social distancing for Curious Explorers!  Registered groups gain priority entry

Event Information

Garden Picnic - Preview 

Thursday 31 March - 4pm to 8pm

Open 5pm to 9.30pm 

Friday 1 April - 5 to 9.30pm

Saturday 2 April - 5 to 9.30pm. 


Empire Church Theatre, Empire Theatre



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